Bioprocess Data Management, Data Analytics and Statistical Consulting

Accelerate the development of next level bioprocesses, improve the speed and regulatory success of new product commercialization, and optimize your productivity with the most advanced bioprocess data management and data analytics software PAS-X Savvy (previously inCyght).

Define a robust scale up of your bioprocess and quality controls with the help of our consulting experts. Ensure safe technology transfers, fast process characterizations, robust quality controls and compliant process validation campaigns.

You will rapidly adopt new capabilities in data management, data analysis and statistical reporting. You will benefit from increased collaboration between chemistry manufacturing and controls- (CMC), quality control- and management departments to act today for the quality of tomorrow.

PAS-X Savvy Bioprocess Software for Data Management and Data Analytics

Keep up with the constant stream of bioprocess and quality data using PAS-X Savvy data management, data visualization and data analytics tools in one intuitive software environment. Process development, manufacturing, validation and quality control collaborate in Savvy for accelerated new product commercialization.


Statistical Consulting for Process Development, Process Validation and Quality Control

As innovative biotech company, you benefit from our consulting experience in applying the right statistical tools for process development, process validation and quality controls. You significantly streamline your interactions with regulatory authorities such as FDA and EMA by adopting statistical best practices.